US Ambassador’s vehicle attacked in Dhaka

Marcia Bernicat and her security team departed the area unharmed

U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh Marcia Bernicat’s vehicle was “attacked” in Dhaka by a “group of armed adult men,” the US Embassy has stated. Ms. Bernicat and her staff were unharmed.

The incident took place in Mohammadpur area of Dhaka on Saturday.

Thousands of students and adults have been out on Dhaka’s roads stopping traffic and checking vehicles over the last one week after a speeding bus killed two students.

Several people, mostly students, were injured in clashes between the forces and agitators.

The press release issued by the Dhaka-based US Embassy noted that at the time of Saturday’s attack, the vehicle was “transporting” the Ambassador.

“The Ambassador and her security team departed the area unharmed,” the release, issued on Sunday, noted.

“There were no injuries to the Ambassador, drivers or security staff; however, two security vehicles sustained some damage.”

Ms. Bernicat became the U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh in February 2015.

International news agencies reported that the situation is “tense” in the country’s capital and “police used tear gas” and “rubber bullets as they tried to control the crowds on Saturday”.

However, police denied such actions.

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