Content for business: How to properly promote a brand on social media?

The year 2020 has set social media marketers a specific goal: to respond quickly and adapt to changing trends. The pandemic has increased the relevance of online brands many times by creating a trend for user-generated content.

Why SMM is important?

The social media audience is growing relentlessly. This year alone, the number of users has increased by 12.3%. Social media is used by more than 50% of the world’s population, that is, more than 4 billion potential customers!

Given these numbers, brands simply cannot afford to ignore social media. In the realities of 2021, it is better not to develop a website than to be present in social media platforms. The advantages of social media sites are obvious:

  • direct contact with the audience;
  • instant interaction;
  • building an active community.

But this can be achieved only with a competent strategy, high-quality content and actual SMM trends.

Gens Z and ἄ 

Nowadays, social media trends are created by two generations:

Gen z: people born from 2000 to 2010;
Gen ἄ: people born since the year 2010.

They are the ones who are confidently replacing the millennials, who are now considered the key online consumer audience. Very soon the “zetas” and “alphas” will become solvent, therefore, gaining attention of this audience is a priority task for brands. Communicate with young people on topics of their interest and articulate brand views on key issues: equality, self-development, politics, pandemic, or finance. Sales will follow the growing interest.

No fake content 

The spread of fake news in 2020 was enormous. The lion’s share was taken by Covid-19. But besides the pandemic, there was an obscene amount of posts with unconfirmed information.

The audience is tired of fakes. In 2021, special attention should be paid to reputation: verify the origin of information more carefully and not to rely on malicious content for the sake of “hype”.


Following the hype, cleanse the content from “gewgaws”. Deception, ostentation, forced postures and fake smiles are a thing of the past. Today, people and businesses are allowed to show themselves as they are.

But this should be done not at the expense of the content quality. Openness, sincerity and naturalness should be complemented by professionality and comprehensive efforts on posts.

Use special services for proper designing your account. An excellent example is POSTOPLAN, an automated content creation and promotion platform. With it, everyone can build a competent SMM promotion strategy. Regular posts will appear in your account automatically at the scheduled time. A growing number of people will see your content, which will provide up to 40% increase in the number of customers without advertising costs. As a result, you save up to 90% on social media marketing.


In the wake of the pandemic, society lacks positive emotions. Happy memories help fill the content with positive. The flashback and nostalgia media trend will be relevant not only for informational, but also for advertising content.

Adapting to coronavirus

Even after mass vaccinations campaigns and decline in the incidence, interest in the areas laid down during the pandemic will not fall. Therefore, feel free to use references to health care, bringing people together, motivation, promoting social distance, online shopping, etc. in your branded content.

Other actual SMM trends for 2021 include:

  • creating gamified content: interactive, entertainment, online interaction;
  • transiting from smiles to memes;
  • involving microbloggers with a more united audience who offer a lower cooperation cost.