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‘You make me feel 304.8 cm tall’

‘We all have scars, old wounds that still ache. But love heals.’

After making quite an impression with his films, Imran Khan took a break from acting after his 2015 film Katti Batti flopped.

While his career plummeted, his personal life suffered too, as it is reported that the actor separated from his wife, Avantika Malik.

After years of silence on social media, he has been posting interesting memories from his films lately.

He delves deeper in his latest post.

‘Sorry about the silence… when you’ve lived so long in darkness, the sunshine can feel unbearably bright at first. I’ve been flooded with so many message of love, support, and encouragement that it felt weird. Unnatural,’ he writes.

‘I couldn’t absorb that much positivity, so instead I went looking for the ugly words, the hurtful ones that sound more like the Voice in my head, because that feels more familiar to me.’

‘I checked reddit (still reliable), the comments sections of news articles, wherever I could find words sharp enough to cut myself with.

‘And then a funny thing happened. There I was, poking and slicing away trying to feel ‘normal’, but somehow the edges of the words seemed less sharp… the tips less pointy.

‘They weren’t drawing blood the way they used to. They just didn’t work anymore. And I think I know why.

‘We all have scars, old wounds that still ache. But love heals. Love is empowering and uplifiting, and if you are fortunate enough to receive the kind of love that I have, I think it starts to fill in those scars.

‘It covers you in a layer of protective armor. You may never fully grasp the extent to which your love empowers me, but know that I am grateful. You make me feel 304.8 cm tall.’

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