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Why This Is Very Crucial For Deverakonda!

Director Puri Jagan is always known for changing the total body languages of the heroes who work with him. Say it Mahesh with Pokiri, Prabhas with Bujjigadu or Nithin with Heart Attack, the heroes have changed pretty much after working on Jagan’s films. And recently, he did the same with Ram as their Ismart Shankar became a runaway hit.

Though the director’s hit percentage has fallen to a below-average position these days, hero Vijay Devarakonda has got stunned by Ismart Shankar that he signed the director’s “Fighter” immediately. However, with World Famous Lover failing to click at the box office, now this new project with Puri Jagan will become a crucial one for him as the hero’s market came crashing down in the recent times.

Every time after delivering a hit, Puri Jagan goes into this lame mode and executes poor scripts that result in fatal blows at the box office. So hope this time, he won’t get carried away by Ismart Shankar’s success and come up with a mediocre film for Devarakonda, as this ‘Fighter’ is crucial for the young hero.

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