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When cops barged in during Vir Das’ comedy show

Vir Das recalled the time when cops barged into his comedy show because he allegedly said something offensive.

Stand-up comedian Vir Das recently appeared on Lilly Singh’s late-night talk show and shared that his jokes once got him into trouble with the police.

Lilly asked Vir, who recently released another Netflix special titled Outside In, about the censorship in comedy that’s quite prevalent in India. Vir shared, “I’ve gotten into trouble because of jokes that I made, but I often find that the people who you are making a joke about, never have a problem. It’s people who have ’six degrees of separation’, in love with that person, they have a problem.”

Vir Das then proceeded to share an anecdote about the time when he was doing a show in Delhi, and he made a joke about late former president APJ Abdul Kalam. Soon, the stadium was filled with cops because someone in the audience found the joke offensive.

He proceeded to tell the other side of the story and shared that years later, when he met the former president, he was caught by surprise as APJ Abdul Kalam had heard the joke and even liked it. “That’s the best moment of my career,” Vir said.

Vir Das released multiple comedy specials during the lockdown. The actor also played the lead role in Netflix series Hasmukh.

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