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When BTS’s RM revealed to UN General Assembly he wanted to quit: ‘People thought we were hopeless’

BTS will be attending the United Nations General Assembly that will take place in September, this year.

Popular K-pop band BTS will be attending the UN General Assembly for the second time. The boys have been appointed as the Special Presidential Envoy For Future Generations and Culture by the President Of South Korea Moon Jae In. They will be attending the United Nations General Assembly that will take place in September, this year.

The South Korean Presidential Office announced through a spokesperson that the appointment decision was made taking into account the aim to “raise awareness on global agendas, such as sustainable development, to future generations and to strengthen the nation’s diplomatic power across the world in line with South Korea’s elevated status in the International community.”

“The appointment is a part of an attempt to broaden the nation’s diplomatic spectrum and enhance the international standing of the nation that brings to light global issues through collaborations with individuals who perform outstanding activities around the world,” the spokesperson said. In 2020, owing to the pandemic, BTS could only send pre-recorded videos of hope and peace.

In 2018, BTS’s leader RM delivered a moving speech at the UN General Assembly, for the launch of their campaign Generation Unlimited. He talked about the ‘Love Myself’ campaign with UNICEF, which was built on the belief that ‘true love first begins with loving yourself’.

He gave himself as an example and how often he wanted to just quit because he felt that he was hopeless. “Even after making the decision to join BTS, there were hurdles. Most people thought we were hopeless. Sometimes I just wanted to quit. I think I was very lucky that I didn’t give it all up. I’m sure that we will keep falling and stumbling. We have become artists performing in big stadiums and selling millions of albums.” He added, “But I’m still an ordinary 24-year-old guy. If there’s anything I’ve achieved, it was only possible because I had other BTS members by my side and because of the love of our ARMY fans.”

RM said that while he still makes mistakes, he is still learning to love himself, and accept that he would learn with each fall and stumble.

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