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What’s Manushi reading?

Adah fights corona…Arjun recovers from it…

Manushi Chillar celebrates #WorldBookDay: ‘Me and my book. What are you currently reading?’


Adah Sharma fights corona with boxing.


She picks up a sword to fight with corona.


Mouni Roy watches the sunset.


Fatima Sana Shaikh soaks in the Vitamin D.

Tanishaa Mukerji‘s ‘Expression when I see people wearing their masks below their noses thinking covid is not a big deal! People! Its not about u its about whom u may infect thru ur carelessness!!!’


Arjun Rampal recovers from COVID-19 and says: ‘My prayers for all those suffering and families for their losses. Feel truly blessed to have two tests both Negative. God has been kind.

‘One of the main reasons I am told by doctors I recovered so fast was because I had taken my first dose of the vaccine, thus making the viral load very low, with no symptoms.

‘I would urge everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible and continue to take all safety measures. Thank you all for your love and best wishes. Stay positive and don’melts the ome positive. Stay safe be smart. This too shall pass. Love and light#recovered’.


Shama Sikander melts the lens with her smile.

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