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We need to encourage young talent and fresh ideas: Suyash

Actor Suyash Tilak has been experimenting with the web space for a while now, by doing cameos and guest appearances. He shares that he has been offered many other web shows but had to politely refuse as the content wasn’t exciting. However, when director Krunal Rane approached him with the script of Boomerang, he knew he had to do it.

Suyash says, “I have known Krunal for a while now, as he has worked on some projects with me, earlier as well. He was hesitant of approaching me, as he did not have the budget. However, the story was interesting and I had confidence in his work. I told him, let’s do it, we will see about the budget later.” The first episode has now managed to get 2k+views in less than 12 hours.

The Baapmanus actor shares that he has seen projects with really good budgets also missing the plot, hence he did not want the budget to be a hinderance to his decision. “Yes, the project quality could have been better if they had the budget to hire better technicians. But, I trusted Krunal’s vision and I knew that he would execute it well,” says Suyash.

He adds that the industry should encourage and push young talent to experiment more. “On one hand we have people who are following the herd mentality and making just one kind of content on the web, and on the other hand, we have these really talented youth who are daring to experiment. We need to encourage young talent and bring in more fresh ideas.We need to trust them,” he says.

Content needs to be of prime importance especially since we have a platform that allows us creative liberty. “I feel happy when series like Moving Out and U Turn are released. With such a great platforms we need to stop focussing only on sex comedies or abusive language. We need to go beyond it and explore more genres,” says Suyash.

First Published:
Jul 17, 2019 18:21 IST

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