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Venky Mama: A Bollywood Plan Implemtened Perfectly

Just 10 days ahead of the release date, producer Suresh Babu has announced that “Venky Mama” is coming. Though the news is doing rounds from time, the promotions are what key to get grand openings at the box office no matter when a film releases.

After trying to give family colour to the promotions of Venky Mama by roping in Venky, Chay and Rana for an interview along with him, producer Suresh Babu is now implementing a Bollywood plan quite perfectly.

Rather sitting at one place (say Hyderabad) and giving interviews to various media outlets, what Bollywood does is goes to various cities and towns to promote their movie. Stars like Akshay and Shahrukh also reach to almost 10+ towns and cities to promote their movies at colleges and other places. Also, they dance and sing at these places, without feeling shy or a feeling that they are some superstars.

Chalking out the same plan, now Venky, Chay, Raashi Khanna and Payal Rajput embarked on a similar pre-release promotional tour. At Khammam on Saturday evening, all the four stars danced on the stage to their songs from the film Venky Mama and made the even quite cheerful.

Usually, our stars never do such stuff as they are ‘stars’, but this team surely knows how to promote a film effectively in a short time. Let’s see what results it will yield.

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