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'Vanderpump Rules' SURver Scuffle: Lala Brutally Unloads on Raquel, Before Lisa Fires James!

“Your man is not Johnny Depp! People don’t just say that they f–ked him,” Lala shouts at Raquel.

Lala Kent bared her fangs during a very heated conversation with James Kennedy’s girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, on Sunday’s episode of "Vanderpump Rules."

The drama began when Lala pulled Raquel aside during James’ "See You Next Tuesday" DJing gig at SUR to discuss the cheating allegations about her man that surfaced during Pride.

"So, I wanted to talk to you about a few things," Lala started. "First, at Pride, I was absolutely not okay with you saying to me, ‘You claim to support women.’ I can’t support someone when you don’t even support yourself. That being said, I know people are coming at you from all angles, telling you that your man creeps around. That’s like a known fact, okay? I’ve watched him do it in front of me. You’re the only person, Raquel, that doesn’t see it. I hate that I called you dumb, but what else do you want me to call you?"

"I’m not dumb, first of all," Raquel finally interjected. "I just graduated with my degree."

"A lot of people graduate with their degree, Raquel," Lala replied, visibly and audibly annoyed. She then vented to the camera, "Raquel literally has the girl that James f–ked in front of her, saying, ‘I hooked up with your man at this time, this is what we did before…’ And Raquel is sitting there like, ‘I just need more evidence.’"

To her face, Lala was just as blunt. "Your man is not Johnny Depp! People don’t just say that they f–ked him," she told Raquel. "You’re the only person that’s not embarrassed that they f–ked him, to be honest."

Not fully understanding Lala’s statement, Raquel replied, "No, I am embarrassed. I am."

Lala reiterated, "I do nothing but support other women. I’m telling you right now, girl. You’re trudging in deep waters."

"See, here we go," Raquel said.

"This is what I’m talking about! Wake! Up!" Lala shouted, clapping in Raquel’s face.

"Lala! Stop! Clapping! In! My! Face!" Raquel clapped back. "It’s not cute! If I saw someone struggling then I would wanna help that person and build them up instead of tear them down, like you and Logan did countless times. You’re bonding over talking shit about James."

That’s when Lala snapped. "We were bonding over the fact that my dad died, you f–king t–t!" she hurled at Raquel before storming off.

Raquel sat back, rolled her eyes and mumbled, "Stupid," later telling the camera, "This whole conversation has nothing to do with your dad passing away. She got caught. She heard one thing that she didn’t like, and boom, she dropped the dad card."

After Lala refused to keep speaking with her, Raquel ran over to James — who was soberly DJing — and cried because she felt "ganged up on." James was fuming.

Keep in mind, Lala had just gotten back from New York with her boyfriend, film producer Randall Emmett, for the premiere of "Gotti." James used that against Lala during his snarky confessional.

"I don’t know who the f–k Lala thinks she is! Coming into SUR and disrespecting Raquel just after her shitty premiere, produced by fat man, by the way. And also got a zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes! It’s a very exclusive list, the movies that have gotten a zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes," James said before rattling off a list of no-name films. "And there’s ‘Gotti,’ right on the bottom for 2018. You know, it’s nearly harder to get a zero percent than 100 percent."

Leaving SUR, Raquel cried to James, "She made me feel powerless. That’s not someone who’s a feminist."

The next day, Lisa Vanderpump requested to speak with James after Katie Maloney gave her an ultimatum. During Pride, James fat-shamed Katie (for the millionth time), so Katie went to Lisa to let her know that if she didn’t fire James, she would be quitting.

"I’m just so upset with you. I can’t even begin to tell you how upset I am with you," Lisa began. "The way you’ve spoken to Katie — I cannot stand behind that. The way you’re talking to women — who the f–k do you think you are that you can stand there and you can call these beautiful, young women sluts and whores?"

All James said was, "They’ve called me names, too."

"James, you’ve gotta start showing respect," she continued. "You’ve put me in a very, very difficult position. I cannot have you as one of the faces of our company with the way you disrespect women."

James claimed it was Tom’s drinks (he did not specify which Tom) that got him more drunk than he anticipated. "I changed!" he said. "There’s a darkness inside me that comes out. Seriously, I’m never touching alcohol again."

"Exactly," Lisa replied. "You need to be sober for the rest of your life. I’m telling you now."

Lisa then told him he was fired from SUR, and he immediately started balling. "Lisa, please! Please!" he sobbed. "I won’t ever drink again. I won’t even do anything naughty again. I promise you!"

James left the table, and Lisa wiped away a tear of her own. She tearfully told the camera, "I think I’m sensitive to the fact that James is a young DJ like my brother was. And there are kind of two paths you can take — the right one and the wrong one. I see this almost like an echo, so I don’t know. I don’t know."

"Vanderpump Rules" will return to Bravo on Mondays at 9 p.m. beginning Jan. 7.

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