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Transgender X Factor star may delay hormone treatment to stop his voice changing

X Factor hopeful Felix Shepherd may postpone his hormone treatment to stop his voice changing on the show.

The transgender singer also told the Sunday People he became anorexic trying to lose his feminine curves as a teen.

Felix, 20, wowed the judges on Saturday’s show with his cover of All I Want by Kodaline.

But he has faced a vocal battle since starting treatment a year ago.

The singer, from Birmingham, said: “A nurse said, ‘You might not be able to sing because of the hormones, your voice might change that much’.”

He went on: “I’ve spoken to the vocal coaches. I’ve discussed putting my horm­one treatment on hold so I can work with a voice that isn’t going to change.”

Felix said he was “pleas­antly surprised” by the crowd’s reaction when he said he has started fully transitioning.

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He added coming out at 17 helped him beat anorexia, which he suffered for seven months. He said: “I was trying to lose weight to lose feminine features, curves.”

Felix is dating fellow X Factor hopeful Bobbie Harvey. He said: “We met on the day of my aud­ition. I’m super happy.” X Factor continues on ITV tonight, 8pm.

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