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This is Us season 5 trailer: Will Randall and Kevin reconcile?

The official Twitter handle of This is US shared the trailer for season 5.

A trailer for the fifth season of This is Us has been released online. The popular family drama’s fourth season ended in Randall and Kevin’s intensely personal fight, a conflict from which reconciliation is going to be quite tough.

Over the last four seasons, This is Us has been a family drama series that can often be too soppy, but at the same time, it portrays family dynamics — especially sibling relationships — like few other shows can manage. The bittersweet things that are familial bonds are presented in a raw, no-holds-barred form here.

Also, the world that this show creates is like ours, in that it is hard to pick sides. There is no villain here. Looking at the trailer, it appears the fifth season is going to continue that tradition.

This season, coronavirus has arrived in the world of Pearsons as well, judging by the masks the characters are wearing.

The official Twitter handle of the TV show shared the trailer with the caption, “The time for family is now.”

This is Us season 5 arrives on October 27 in the US.

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