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This is Pop and I’ll Be Gone in the Dark special episode: What to watch on June 22

From This is Pop to a special episode of I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, here's what you can watch on streaming platforms today.

From a fun, insightful documentary series about music to yet another documentary about a notorious serial killer, we are back with our streaming suggestions, just for your pleasure and entertainment!




This is Pop: Netflix

This is Pop is a docu-series that takes a closer look at some of the most popular pop songs. From the good ol’ oldies to noughties hits by boy band NSYNC, you will get a clearer picture of the historical and societal context of your favourite chartbusters. The official synopsis of the series reads, “Uncover the real stories behind your favorite pop songs as this docuseries charts the impact of the festival scene, Auto-Tune, boy bands and more.”

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark (Bonus Episode): Disney Plus Hotstar

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark is a true-crime documentary series that gives us a sinister but intriguing glimpse of the infamous Golden State Killer aka Joseph James DeAngelo Jr who is a convicted rapist-murder and a former police officer responsible for a slew oft bone-chilling crimes that took place across California in the late 70s and early 80s. The six-episode series had premiered last year, but the makers are releasing yet another episode today.

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