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These are the tiny tricks Bodyguard used to look realistic

BBC’s Bodyguard crew have revealed how the show, starring Keeley Hawes and Richard Madden, looks so realistic, after it came to a dramatic close last night (September 23).

“The job graphic designers have to do has changed so much,” graphic designer Matthew Clark told Wired. “A graphic in a TV show these days is anything that’s not a physical product. It can be a leaflet, a newspaper, a poster.”

“We’re looking at weeks of prepping-up screens,” he added.

Clark, who was involved in designing all of the police IDs, computer screens and visuals on the computers, explained that “there’s a huge library of stuff”.

©  BBC/World Productions/Des Willie

“With Bodyguard particularly, because the graphics are so much part of the plot, the editor gets involved quite a lot,” Clark continued.

Creative director Chris Gibbons explained: “We’re building real software but it bears pretty much zero resemblance to actual software that software engineers would understand.”

Even Budd’s Google searches required the team to “submit so many versions of what we were doing [to Google]”.

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“We couldn’t have a link that wouldn’t be on the standard search form,” Clark revealed. “It seems minor, but there was so much finessing to get it cleared by Google.”

“We’ll design it all to look exactly like Google and then I will add a bit of programming so that whatever key the actor presses, it types the pre-determined search term in the search box,” Gibbons added.

Looks like they’ll have their work cut out for them for some time, as Bodyguard creator Jed Mercurio has revealed that he has plans for up to four more series of the show.

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