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Light and shadow.

These were the two constants of Rishi Kapoor’s professional life.

He was a Kapoor with an incredible legacy — a legendary grandfather (Prithviraj Kapoor) and father (Raj Kapoor), uncles (Shashi and Shammi Kapoor) who were popular stars.

It was also a legacy that was bruising, almost impossible to live up to. Yet Rishi Kapoor went on to create an undeniable place for himself on the Kapoor landscape.

There was the fact that, despite acting in roughly over 150 films, he was never called a superstar. There was always another star who shone brighter, though not bright enough to eclipse Rishi Kapoor.

This was something that always rankled because, hidden beneath the razzle-dazzle of the chocolate faced loverboy hero, was a talented actor.

An actor who, in his first full-fledged role, won the National Award (Mera Naam Joker, 1970). It was a stunning beginning but the long journey that followed, the awards were far and few. Again, a bitter pill that Rishi Kapoor struggled to swallow.

But there were other unplanned records he set.

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