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Teja’s RRR & AMVR with Rana, Gopichand!

Director Teja didn’t confine himself to doing films in one particular genre. He made films in different genres. The director today on the occasion of his birthday has announced his next two films.

Teja will be doing one film each with Gopichand and Rana Daggubati. But, Teja who also revealed titles of these two films hasn’t disclosed which title for whom. Rakshasa Raju Ravanasurudu and Alimelu Manga Venkata Ramana are the two titles announced by the director.

This is first of its kind of promotion, we must say. Apparently, Teja will shoot these two films simultaneously. He hasn’t even divulged producers and other cast and crew of the films.

The title designs indicate that Alimelu Manga Venkata Ramana is a family entertainer, whereas Rakshasa Raju Ravanasurudu will be an action thriller.

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