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Sting On Pawan: The Two Happiest Women

Pawan Kalyan emerged as a true politician by making a good number of political rivals and looks like he is a bit ahead of other politicians with two woman rivals from the film industry too. These filmy women are heard to be more than happy at this moment after a sting operation tried to prove Pawan’s allegedly corruptive and biased acts. They are the controversial Poonam Kaur and Sri Reddy.

One popular Telugu news channels conducted a ‘sting’ on Pawan Kalyan Janasena party at a star hotel in which a particular community big heads planned to meet the Janasenani, by paying huge amounts as ‘entry pass’. Though the sting operation proved nothing and ended up as an exaggeration of a normal meeting, two controversial women from films are flaunting their joy on their respective social media accounts.

Poonam Kaur came up with a video clip of Charmee’s popular song ‘Maaha Maaha’, which appeared as an indirect appreciation to the TV channel that attempted the sting operation against Janasena leader. Sri Reddy too posted an indirect comment indicating the sting operation on Pawan Kalyan’s alleged private political meeting. Looks like these two are the happiest women right now.

It is already known that Poonam has been posting several tweets venting her anguish against Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan since few months, while she never really opened up directly on what made her do so. On the other side, Sri Reddy’s fight with Pawan Kalyan started when the latter asked her to approach police and turned into a turmoil when she cursed him in public with unprintables.

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