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Sr Director Seeks ‘Binde’ that Touched Pooja’s Waist as Gift

To make the remix song ‘Velluvocchi Godaramma’ more viral, the makers of Valmiki have other day hosted a special media meet. Giving some extra mileage to Pooja Hegde and presenting a cheque to later writer Veturi’s song as remuneration for reusing this song, they have invited the song’s creator, director K Raghavendra Rao too.

Speaking at the occasion, Raghavendra heaped praises on everyone as usual and stated an interesting thing. “Back then, a critic commented ‘the whole film is good, but I don’t understand how so many metal vases came into that song’. Later I’ve answered him, have you ever sang a duet with your wife or your friends who opted for a love marriage did it? The critics said no. So, if you are accepting songs in films, you have to accept these bindelu too” said Raghavendra Rao.

In the end, the naughty senior director spoke about heroine Pooja. “I’ve predicted that Pooja Hegde will become star heroine during Oka Laila Kosam movie itself. If she has to gift me anything, I’ll feel happy if the binde that touched her waist is presented to me”.

Also, KRR added, if he has to hit Pooja with a fruit as he is popular for such things during songs, he will be hitting her with a ‘cherry’. Pooja is blushing all through the event for these comments.

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