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Shororipu 2 Jotugriho movie review: Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Saswata Chatterjee deliver a gripping murder mystery

Shororipu 2 Jotugriho movie review: A classic whodunnit, the film revolves around the murder investigation of a womanising music director.

Shororipu 2 Jotugriho movie cast: Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Saswata Chatterjee, Arunima Ghosh
Shororipu 2 Jotugriho movie director: Ayan Chakraborty
Shororipu 2 Jotugriho movie rating: 3 stars

The success of ‘Shororipu 1’ last year nudged its makers to make its sequel, ‘Shororipu 2 Jotugriho’. Like the first iteration, this one also is a classic whodunnit.

Megha Sen is the third wife of Debraj Sen, who is more than double her age. Debraj, a successful and talented music director, is a womanizer who behaves abysmally with his wife. He has a little girl Tithi from his second marriage, and he married the third time so that there is someone to take care of his daughter.

Right in the beginning, we see Megha calling the police and saying that a ‘ghastly’ incident has taken place at her home and she needs help. What this ‘ghastly’ incident is not revealed for most part of the film. Enter Chandrakant Sen, the officer from Kolkata Police. Truths and skeletons in the cupboard start tumbling out as the investigation begins. At the end of the second half, it is revealed that Debraj was found murdered in one of the rooms of the Sen household. Parallel to this story runs the narrative of Megha and her former lover Dr. Riju Chatterjee.

Chandrakant Sen says that everything negative in human behaviour is the result of six inherent vices — sex, passion, anger, greed, infatuation, vanity and envy (collectively called shararipu in Bengali). He believes this case is no exception.

You think the story should be easy to decipher, only it is not. The inspector is as befuddled as the audience till we reach the climax after the expected twists and turns.

Like the first film, the sequel too excels in execution. The script is tight with the characters well etched out. The drama is amped up and engages the audience’s attention till the end of the film. The cast, especially Saswata Chatterjee as the lustful music director, is superb. Chiranjeet Chatterjee as Chadrakant Sen is effective too. The music by Rupam Islam and cinematography add value to the narrative.

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