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‘Shameless’ Season 9 Returns To Showtime Tonight

Gallagher fans everywhere are rejoicing as their favorite dysfunctional family returns tonight only on Showtime.

According to Showtime’s website, the episode airing tonight is called “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Albi.”

The episode promo – which can also be viewed on the Showtime website – picks up right where the mid-season finale ended, and every Gallagher’s worst fear begins. As fans of the series recall, Fiona’s life has fallen apart, and she is taking after none other than her father Frank.

The promo clip reveals that both Debbie and Lip are attempting to pick up the pieces for their sister as they offer her money to help pay the bills. Unfortunately, it appeared as if Fiona took one from her father’s playbook and decided to head to the Albi and spend the money on booze instead.

“Fiona’s downward spiral continues and Debbie steps in to pick up the slack at the Gallagher house. Carl and Kelly continue their relationship in secret despite her father’s strict expectations. Ingrid ropes Frank into fulfilling her lifelong dream. Tami shows Lip a different version of adulthood,” the synopsis of the latest episode of Shameless reads.

The promo of the episode also reveals that things between Lip and Tami appear to be heating up despite neither making a very good impression with the other the first time they met.

The clip showcases a horrified Tami as she begins to learn about the Gallaghers’ ways of life which include shared underwear.

As those who watched the mid-season finale recall – and the Inquisitr previously reported – Episode 7 ended with Fiona learning the “Patty” in her boyfriend Ford’s phone wasn’t actually his mother but his wife. Fiona – who was incredibly drunk at the time – also learned Ford had a child with her.

Admittedly, fans of the series took to Facebook fan groups, fan pages, and other social media platforms to rejoice in the end of the relationship as many were not supportive of the relationship with Ford to begin with. Moreover, the end of the relationship also opens the door for Steve/Jimmy (played by Justin Chatwin) to return.

As die hard fans of the series know, Emmy Rossum (who plays the role of Fiona) is slated to exit the series this season. Her exit follows behind the exit of Cameron Monaghan, who played the role of her character’s younger brother Ian.

Cameron’s character got the send off fans of the series hoped for when his character’s lover Mickey Milkovich (played by Noel Fisher) made a brief appearance in Ian’s final episode.

This satisfying goodbye to Monaghan’s character left many fans hoping the writers would consider bringing Chatwin back long enough to sweep Fiona away from the chaos for good, as he had promised to do so many times in the past.

During an interview on SiriusXM’s The Michelle Collins Show, William H. Macy – who plays the role of Emmy’s father in Shameless– revealed the send off of Fiona Gallagher was “genius.”

New episodes of Shameless Season 9 air on Sunday nights on Showtime.

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