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Shah Rukh Khan’s BIGGEST HITS

Over last two decades, Shah Rukh Khan has entertained us through many films.

Several have been blockbusters, many have won hearts and fans, while a couple missed the mark. 

His latest film Chennai Express has joined the league of some of the biggest successes in SRK’s brilliant career.

While the film is still going strong in theatres, we take a look at Shah Rukh’s 10 biggest blockbusters in his career.

Chennai Express

Shah Rukh seems to be in a happy space with his latest release, Chennai Express, a film that’s doing fabulously at the box office.

A carefully designed marketing and promotional plan ensured that not an ounce of negativity surrounded the film’s arrival. With no competition from other films, peace making with rivals and a perfectly packaged unit helping the cause, Shah Rukh is now assured of a massive hit.

For the trivia lovers, the highest that a Hindi film has ever scored is 3 Idiots (Rs 202 crores). Let’s wait and see if Chennai Express races ahead.

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