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Shadowhunters final season trailer promises a wedding

Freeform has released a new trailer for Shadowhunters‘ final season, and it is packed full of mystery, romance, and darkness.

The trailer kicks off with an extended look at the “real” Jonathan, played by Luke Baines. According to showrunner Darren Swimmer, “When he was in Sebastian, he was playing the role, he was stepping into someone else’s skin. Now that we see him as himself, not only do we see his true form and his true face — which is fascinating and played brilliantly by Luke Baines — but we’ll see the darkness that was always inside him that he was able to cover up.”

And that darkness could affect Clary, who ends the trailer by waking up with black eyes. Then again, we already knew that Clary was going to have a tough time this season, seeing as how she was missing at the end of last season. “Her experience when she was away will forever change her,” showrunner Todd Slavkin previously told EW. “It will take a lot to go back to how Clary used to be.”

But the trailer does have a few lighter moments: Simon and Izzy potentially kissing, and Jace telling Clary “I’ll love you until I die.” (Although then Jace appears to take a sword through the neck, so let’s hope he didn’t mean that literally.) And lastly, someone on this show is tying the knot, and it’s a wedding that, from the looks of it, makes Clary very emotional.

Watch the full trailer above.

Shadowhunters returns Monday, Feb. 25 on Freeform.

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