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Samantha Charging 2 Crore for Oh Baby?

Samantha is said to be charging a bomb for Oh Baby. If industry sources are to be believed, Samantha’s charging highest-ever fee in her career for Oh Baby. Talk is Samantha hasn’t sought her remuneration up right. But apart from some advance, Samantha said to have sought share in profits of theatrical business.

As per trade analysts and pre-release business, Sam is estimated to be getting Rs 2 Crore as her share for Oh Baby. Since the film is also being released in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and overseas markets, cashing in on Samantha’s craze, the makers are expecting the film to do reasonably well in those markets as well.

Talk is that besides Sam’s 2 Crore remuneration, the film’s production cost is estimated to be 6 Crore including remuneration of technicians and other cast and the original Korean producer Hyunwoo Thomas Kim, of Miss Granny, is said to be charging a royalty of 10 Crore. Thus the total budget of the film is estimated at 18 Crore. Suresh Productions and People’s Media Factory have joined as partners. So, one has to wait and see, how the film would fare at ticket windows and whether it would recover 18 Crore share to get into profit zone.

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