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Ruby Rose recalls terrifying underwater moment while filming The Meg

Ruby Rose tangles with a massive mutant shark in new movie The Meg, but it turns out that the creature was actually the least of her worries.

The former Orange is the New Black star has opened up to Metro about one dangerous bout of underwater filming in which her costume wasn’t necessarily equipped for being in the massive studio tank.

“It was a scene in which I’m in the water and have to swim back to a boat,” she remembered. “My clothing, including a layer of thermals to help with the cold, made it really difficult to swim… everyone loved how it looked and thought I was doing a great job, they didn’t realise my shoes had filled up with water and were making me sink to the bottom of the tank we were shooting in.”

Luckily, professionals were on hand and reacted swiftly, as the actress recalled: “The next thing I know, safety divers were grabbing me. I drank a lot of tank water, which I have a feeling is not particularly good for you.”

The upcoming movie embeds Rose on a team of researchers who are rescued by Jason Statham when their underwater base is attacked by a giant shark thought to be extinct, called a Megalodon.

Statham seems confident about the movie’s chances at the box office, recently promising that it came out “really good” and hinting that a sequel is already a distinct possibility.

The Meg opens on Friday (August 10) in UK cinemas and US cinemas.

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