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'RHOA' Reunion Recap: NeNe Barks at Andy Over Closet Question, Porsha Goes Off on NeNe for Being So 'Nonchalant'

“I wanna talk about the closet” were Andy Cohen’s final words.

Par 2 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion was even more dramatic than the first.

We didn’t know that was possible.

First, Gregg Leakes came out to sit beside his wife and face some seriously uncomfortable questions. Then, Eva Marcille battled Shamari DeVoe who then battled Marlo Hampton in a brutal but hilarious roast war. After that, Porsha Williams emotionally unloaded on NeNe Leakes. And in the final few minutes, NeNe nearly ripped Andy Cohen’s head off for bringing up her dreaded "Bye, Wig" party.

Here we go!

NeNe and Gregg Talk Cheating, Marriage and Cancer

Gregg was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer in May 2018, leaving NeNe to take on the role of caretaker. Gregg’s cancer battle caused major stress on the marriage, prompting NeNe to lash out at cast and crew and vent to fans on social media.

When Andy pressed the two about where they thought their relationship would go, neither seemed certain, but divorce was not ruled out.

At one point, Andy asked Gregg if he wished NeNe hadn’t spoken about his past infidelity on the show.

"That was so long ago, that it really just didn’t have any weight," Gregg replied. "The hurt from that got removed from me a long time ago"

Looking at NeNe, Andy said, "Maybe it didn’t get removed from you?" With a sad smile, she replied, "Maybe."

Gregg also suggested his wife may be harboring some resentment over the fact that she spent years begging him to get a colonoscopy. He refused every time.

Eva vs. Shamari vs. Marlo

Remember when Shamari got so drunk at NeNe’s "Bye, Wig" party that she puked all over Eva’s shoe? On Sunday, Shamari said she "felt bad" about it, later adding, "I was gonna get it cleaned, but it would’ve cost more money to get the shoe cleaned than the value of the shoe."

"Because I bought it in Morocco," Eva sassily fired back.

"Ohhh, but it’s a Zara shoe," Shamari replied, "so I got you a gift card to Zara." Shamari then pulled a $70 Zara gift card out from under a couch cushion and handed it to Eva. We are dead.

All season long, Marlo’s been adamant that Shamari has a drinking problem. Shamari claims she doesn’t — plus, the other women don’t seem too concerned. Nevertheless, Marlo likes to drive her point home, and she did so on Sunday night.

But Shamari wasn’t having any of it. "Tell me something about shopping or gold digging, then I’ll listen!" she shouted.

"I know she’d better be at Betty Ford," Marlo insisted, adding that the "streets talk."

"What about what the streets say about you?" Shamari fired back. "You’ve been on this damn show for six seasons, and I can’t tell you what the hell you do."

"Girl, you and your Claire’s outfit — and Claire’s don’t even sell clothes!" Marlo clapped back.

"This is Haus of Falenci’ago. Google that!" Shamari said.

"I’m not gonna argue with an alcoholic. I’ll pray for you," Marlo replied.

When Andy asked what the difference was between Shamari’s drunk moments and the drunk moment Marlo had in Tokyo, Marlo insisted she wasn’t "vomiting or hitting anyone’s poom-poom."

"I’m sure if I gave you some Gucci, you’d let me hit you on your poom-poom," Shamari fired back. "I don’t trust a convict with a lisp!"

"Marlo drinks as much as I do, but she’s a lot bigger than I am, so the fat deposits can hold it a lot better," she added.

Porsha Goes Off on NeNe in Emotional Rant

Since Part 1 of the reunion, NeNe’s been as unengaged as humanly possible. During Part 2, Porsha finally snapped.

"Honestly, I would love to sit here and just be as nonchalant and just not give a f–k as NeNe is being right now, but the fact of the matter is, when we found out [about Gregg’s cancer], we were there for you, and we genuinely pray for you and your husband," Porsha said to NeNe, who wasn’t even making eye contact. "Your main issue is you don’t know how to accept the support from your friends."

NeNe maintained she knew how to accept support from her friends.

"And then at this point, now where we are is f–k all of us. That shit is hurtful!" Porsha continued. "That makes me feel like any experience I have ever had with you was fake. For you to sit here and say, ‘No, I didn’t get you a gift,’ and ‘No, you’re not my friend’ … You have sat here and told me so many times since we’ve been on this couch — which is brand new to me — that we are not friends. Okay? So just understand that what you’re doing, you think it’s all nonchalant and cute, but that shit f–king hurts because me and my fiancé have prayed for you. And my mother! All of us!"

"So the fact that you will sit here now and give a big f–k you to all of us is very f–king hurtful," she concluded, catching her breath. "I cannot leave this damn couch without saying that."

When Andy asked NeNe if she had a response to Porsha’s emotional message, NeNe simply said, "No response."

NeNe Rips Into Andy Over Closet Question

"I wanna talk about the closet," Andy said, looking at Porsha. "Did something happen with your belt?"

NeNe had had enough. "I’m not gonna beat this thing, okay? It was a breakdown, okay?" she said sternly. "And I don’t feel like I need to sit up here and be like, ‘I had a breakdown! I had a breakdown!’ You saw me have a breakdown. I don’t have to be sorry for having a breakdown. I am human. I had a natural breakdown, okay?"

When Andy tried to interject, NeNe looked him dead in the eye and said, "Don’t keep bantering back and forth with me about it, okay? Do not keep pushing me over it, okay? Don’t."

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" Season 11 reunion will conclude Sunday, April 21 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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