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Real Test Begins For ‘Gang Leader’

Nani’s Gang Leader is expected to make at least 30 crores share such that the movie will end up as a safe bet for all the distributors and buyers involved. After marking a staggering opening weekend, we hear that this Vikram K Kumar directorial is now struggling.

After collecting nearly 15.7+ crores share in the first weekend, the film’s half battle is won as the recovery is fast. But from Monday, we hear that the collections dropped drastically as the film is not carrying a blockbuster talk at all. In its 5 days run so far, the film is said to have made 18.7+ crores share. But with the weekend approaching fast again, the film might get a chance to reap huge benefits.

As there is only mass-oriented Valmiki hitting cinemas this weekend, Nani’s Gang Leader will get another chance to make merry. And to collect nearly 10 more crores share from the box office is a daunting task for sure. So the real acid test has begun for the film now.

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