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Rana’s Next Palace Bigger Than Mahishmathi Palace

In the kingdom of Mahishmathi, the court of the King, whether it is Sivagami or Bhallaladeva, surely the palace is bigger than anyone would ever expect. Rajamouli made sure that the palace will stand out big time as the audience get a feel of it inside theatres. And now, Rana will be getting a palace bigger than that.

We are hearing that for upcoming film Hiranya Kashipa, which is based on Hindu mythology where Lord Vishnu incarnates in Narasimha avatar to kill demon Hiranyakashipa and save his son Prahlada from him. The film features Rana Daggubati as the demon lord and also as Vishnu Murthy if reports are true.

They say that director Gunasekhar, who is producing and directing this film, is gearing up to build a 15 crore budgeted palace set in Ramanaidu Studios with all the real jewellery, chandeliers and other vintage stuff. The mythological court of Hiranyakashipa is full of gold and jewels, and Gunasekhar is going to achieve that, they say.

Recently Rana has mentioned that he is in the USA to deal with the pre-production work related to this big-budgeted fantasy drama, and it looks like they have achieved some good results in that connection.

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