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Now, Nagababu comes up with Jabardasth Serial

One video message is enough to explain why he’s out of “Jabardasth” TV show, but then mega brother Nagababu wants to give that ‘TV serial’ experience to his fans it seems like.

Other day, the second video of Nagababu’s explanation regarding quitting Jabarasth show has come out. At the end of the video, it is indicated that the third part of the video will be uploaded very soon. It seems like he’s making a serial out of his Jabardasth journey by revealing so many videos over the same thing.

Firstly it might be an act to put up more videos on YouTube, such that his fans will get entertained day by day, and secondly, he wants to share the thing until his next program clicks as that will keep him in the news. Other than that, there appears no strong need to make so many explanatory videos concerning his exit.

Coming to the second videos, Nagababu explained that he went to Jabardasth due to Manager Edukondalu, but not due to a call from Syam Prasad Reddy. “I’m already judging Adhurs show, and Edukondalu took me for Jabardasth. They planned this comedy show for 25 episodes, but it continued for years due to high success rate” he says.

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