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Nivetha Pethuraj completes first level of formula car racing training, see photos and videos

Nivetha Pethuraj on formula car racing, pursuing championships and being a petrolhead.

Actor Nivetha Pethuraj has a keen interest in formula racing, and that is exactly what she has been pursuing these days. The actor recently shared a couple of videos and photos of herself doing a lap.

“A vision to visual. Metaphorically speaking, when you hit the limiter hold the clutch, upshift and throttle the f* on,” she captioned a video. The caption of another clip read, “Raw lap.”



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Nivetha had earlier shared a photo of herself in the race car and captioned it, “Another vision.. Another dream.. Another life.”



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According to Times of India, Nivetha Pethuraj has already completed the first level of formula race car training program conducted by Momentum School of Advance Racing.

Speaking about her passion for race cars, the actor said, “My interest towards cars started during my school days when I was studying in 8th grade. An aunt in my neighbourhood purchased a sports car. It ignited my curiosity towards sports cars, and it kept brewing in me for years. In 2015, I purchased a Dodge Challenger sports car, and I was the second girl in UAE to get it. In fact, my father wasn’t happy as he was concerned with the V6 Engine, which has a fast racing power. Nonetheless, I was confident driving it and felt so cool.”

Nivetha also opened up about the possibility of entering championships in future. She told TOI, “I am already being approached for many championships. But it needs lots of investment and dedication for track practice. Besides, it’s easy for me to get sponsors as I have become a familiar face in the industry. It’s a costly sport as every race will cost around Rs 15 lakh. So, I will be getting on with it only if I am too keen about it. For now, my interest and desire are all about completing different levels.”

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