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Netflix Receives $50 Million Lawsuit From The Satanic Temple For ‘The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.’

Due to a serious copyright claim, the Satanic Temple could have a legitimate legal beef with Netflix.

It might sound like a headline too bizarre to be true, but The Satanic Temple is actually suing Netflix for a serious sum of money. What many are finding more intriguing is that this is not just a publicity stunt, but appears to be a legitimate claim.

According to Bloody-Disgusting, the Satanic Temple are taking serious umbrage with a statue used in the recent series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The statue in question is actually a depiction of Baphomet originally paid for by members of the Satanic Temple to have installed before a government building in Oklahoma. Members of the organization raised money through Indiegogo to have the statue sculpted as an form of protest against a marble statue of the Ten Commandments which stood before the same building.

In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the aforementioned statue appears numerous times throughout the series’ first season on display in the fictional Academy of Unseen Arts.

Bruce Lederman, a lawyer on behalf of the Satanic Temple, clarified the more specific reasons by the recent lawsuit.

This case presents, among other things, a textbook example of the hornbook explanation of copyright protection that copyright law protects unique expressions, but not the ideas themselves. What makes this case particularly striking and significant is that it arises in the context of Defendants who are highly sophisticated media production and distribution companies which blatantly misappropriated Plaintiff’s unique expression of an idea even though they have a long history of vigorously protecting their own intellectual property.

Netflix reportedly re-directed all questions to Warner Bros., who have declined to comment as of the time of this writing.

Lucien Greaves, co-founder and spokesperson for the Satanic Temple recently took to Twitter and made a visual comparison of the two statues as a point of reference.

The Satanic Temple as an organization, according to their official site, doesn’t actually believe in Satan. Satan is used primarily as a “literary figure.” The organization uses symbols and depictions of figures like Baphomet as a way to illustrate their beliefs in freedom of, and from, religion, which they believe should be kept separate from all legislation. Instead of the Ten Commandments, the Satanic Temple holds Seven Fundamental Tenents, which include showing empathy, the struggle for justice above laws, having sole control over one’s body, respecting personal freedoms, acceptance of science, and rectifying one’s mistakes.

Not to be confused with the Satanic Temple, the Church of Satan is a completely unrelated organization and have been making clear on their respective Twitter, that the two organizations should not confused with one another. They also stated that as a collective, they have no single opinion on the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, citing differing opinions about the show among their members.

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