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Neighbours spoiler: Sonya and Toadie are pushed to breaking point

Capitalising on the ‘death’ of Andrea’s mum, Alice manipulates Toadie into believing that he should visit Andrea and break the news in person. She also plays on Sonya’s insecurities that Toadie is now just looking for excuses to see Andrea again. Alice’s meddling comes to fruition, as Sonya confronts Toadie and demands he abandon his trip to visit Andrea. A fight erupts, leaving an upset Sonya fleeing the house.

Witnessing her unravelling, Dipi and Shane are increasingly concerned about Sonya’s state of mind. While Alice continues to play Sonya and Toadie off against one another, Sonya starts to feel physically unwell – but she’s unaware that withdrawal effects are beginning to take hold. Everything is going to plan for Alice, but will she really get away with her fiendish scheme?

Meanwhile, after Finn violated her privacy by reading her therapy notes, Bea has turned to writing as an outlet. However, she’s confronted when Ned accidentally picks up her journal. Bea flares angrily out of panic, leading to more awkwardness between the pair. Yashvi and Xanthe encourage Bea to finally let Ned know how she feels about him.

Bea bravely leaves her journal at Lassiters for Ned to read – with the pages about him bookmarked. Ned is moved to read her words and rushes to Bea. Nothing else needs to be said as Ned sweeps her into a passionate kiss – it looks like there’s a new couple on Ramsay Street.

Elsewhere, Sheila is excited to head off to New Zealand on a surprise trip to meet Clive’s family, but doesn’t let Xanthe help her pack. She’s cool with her granddaughter, still stung that Xanthe didn’t feel she could come to her during the Finn crisis. Realising what’s at the heart of Sheila’s hurt, Xanthe reaches out to Sheila and the two make amends.

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