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Neighbours reveals a worrying pre-wedding fallout for David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan

Neighbours‘ wedding of the year nearly gets called off next week, as David Tanaka discovers that Aaron Brennan is keeping secrets from him.

David (Takaya Honda) currently has no idea that Aaron has suffered a painful back injury after being overloaded with work at The Shed thanks to Paul Robinson.

Next week’s episodes see the situation come to a head at David and Aaron’s pre-wedding party, where Paul (Stefan Dennis) laps up praise from everyone for mentoring his future son-in-law.

Aaron (Matt Wilson) seethes over Paul’s behaviour, and things get even worse when Paul orders the happy couple to give everyone a sneak preview of their wedding dance.

When David pulls Aaron to his feet and his back spasms, it’s the final straw as Aaron flips out – admitting that he’s injured and it’s all Paul’s fault for putting so much pressure on him.

Although Aaron is hoping to expose Paul’s true colours, his revelation backfires as David is annoyed with him for keeping secrets yet again.

As David angrily compares the situation to Aaron’s previous cagey behaviour over his ex-boyfriend Rory Zemiro, there’s a real chance that the wedding could be in doubt.

Fortunately, after a conversation with Mark later on, David finally accepts that Paul is the one at fault and that he needs to be on Aaron’s side.

David turns against Paul instead, telling his dad that he’ll find someone else to walk him down the aisle on the big day. Could Paul find himself cut out of the big ‘Daaron’ wedding?

Neighbours airs these scenes on Friday, August 31 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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