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Naagin 5 13 September 2020 Written Update: Bani kills Veer after Jay is murdered by the Cheels

Naagin 5 starts with Veer checking out Bani who is stunning. Her chachi brings Meera there. Veer asks her what is her plan of action. Jay walks in with his family. Bani meets them and says she can make all varieties of tea. His family approves of her. Veer takes to the floor and says there will be a dance-off between the bride’s side and sasuraal people. Jay says he will go and sit with Bani. She is just looking at Veer. The first dance off is between the sisters of Meera and Veer’s brothers. Jay asks Bani what is her plan? She says I know Veer will not marry Meera. She says I will attack at the right time. Bani’s sisters fall on the floor while dancing. Aarohi wins it for the girls in the next round. Jay says I will now dance with Bani. It will be a couple dance. Veer looks on angrily. He gets Meera on the floor with him.

Veer’s (Sharad Malhotra) eyes are on Bani (Surbhi Chandna) as he dances with Meera. The lights go off. Jay goes to check on the lights. Veer catches hold of Bani. As the lights are switched on, Veer and Bani are found in dance pose. Daadi sees this and gets annoyed. Veer holds Bani’s hand tightly. Jay (Mohit Sehgal) comes there and tells him to back off. Veer says Bani needs a passionate man like me. They get into a physical fight.

Jay tells Veer not to infuriate him further. Bani is worried for the families. His father (Parag Tyagi) comes and tells him to stay calm. Bani requests them to stop. Dadi says now Jay’s marriage will happen at our place. Veer says marriage will happen here only. He says I will marry Bani while you can get hitched to Meera. Veer tells his brothers to kidnap Jay.

The mehendi starts. Bani poisons the mehendi of Veer’s family. She tells Jay that when Veer applies it on his hand, it will burn like coals. He finds Bani alone. She gives him the mehendi. Jay escapes in his Naag avatar. Veer says I want Meera to apply mehendi on me. Bani goes to stop it as she does not want her sister to touch the poisoned mehendi. A confusion happens and Bani’s mehendi comes on Veer’s hand. His Dadi starts feeling sick and says this is very inauspicious.

Veer puts his hand in the poisoned mehendi and feels the burns. He starts smiling. Bani wonders why he is not in pain. They have an eyelock. Jay goes to the car. Veer’s brothers attack him and render him unconscious. Bani tells the lady to change the V into J but she says it is not possible. His chachu calls him outside. Meera asks Bani what is happening? She says I am tensed about you. His Dadi worries for him. They wonder where exactly is Jay? Meera says Veer and his brothers are missing. She wonders where is Jay.

After a bit of location tracking, she finds he is in Prayag Ghaati. Veer plans to kill Jay by throwinf him off a cliff. Bani sees this, changes into her Naagin form and goes down the rocks. She realises he is dead. Bani decides to avenge this death.

When she gets back to the wedding venue, it is empty. She sees Veer. Bani is furious that he killed Jay. She says I will kill you. He says I am far more powerful than you can ever imagine. He changes into his Cheel avatar. Bani changes into her Naagin avatar. He gets worried. Bani comes to attack him. He takes out his claws. She remembers the words of Lord Shiva who says you can attack only after you have been attacked.

Bani attacks Veer in his Cheel avatar. They have a fight. She says I will finish you tonight. Veer flies and reaches the chandelier. It falls down and he is almost dead. Bani gets down on her knees and cries that she lost once again. She says I could not save my Jay. Bani says but I killed the one who finished the life of my companion. Bani is distraught as she could change her destiny even after taking birth after 10,000 years.

Bani says I have finished you and I do not repent my decision.

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