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Money Heist director remembers three most important scenes: ‘One of those filming days that you never forget’

Money Heist director Jesus Colmenar is on a throwback trip ahead of the last season. He has been sharing several behind-the-scenes clicks and anecdotes from crucial episodes of the Netflix crime drama.

As Money Heist is nearing its finale, fans as well as the cast and crew are in a nostalgia mode. And taking the lead is director Jesus Colmenar who seems to be on a throwback trip ahead of the final season.

Jesus, also one of the creative minds behind the Netflix show, has been attached with it ever since its inception in 2017. Jesus, who has helmed major episodes of the Spanish crime drama, recently posted two behind-the-scenes clicks on his Instagram handle.

In the first post, Jesus is with actors Alvaro Morte and Itziar Ituno, who play Sergio aka The Professor and Raquel aka Lisbon, respectively. The particular click is from the crucial sequence when The Professor and the inspector confront each other in season two. The episode has the former nabbing Raquel, as he explains to her the reason behind the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain. The moment is important for the plot as it not just ends with Raquel changing sides, but also has one of the most intimate moments between the lovers.

The post’s caption, loosely translated from Spanish, reads, “It is difficult to describe what is behind this old photo. We had just shot THAT sequence. “Sergio, I am with you.” One of those filming days that you never forget. We had completed a journey of shared creativity, searching the edge, trying, making mistakes, without giving up, delving deep into the hearts of the characters. Exhausted, excited, proud, deeply complicit, and still somehow innocent, we couldn’t even dream that so many hearts would make that journey with us. Álvaro, Itzi, beyond everything that came after, these are the moments that give meaning to our profession. I love you guys very much.”



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Just days before, Jesus had also shared a picture with cinematographer Migue Amoedo engrossed in a deep discussion. The caption hints that the two are talking about the sequence in Palawan, the place where Sergio and Raquel reunite in the last scene of season two. It reads, “And that was the new beginning. Touring Thailand, shaping the first steps of a new stage. We gambled everything on one card. We couldn’t afford to be disappointed! Here we are @migueamoedo and I, in search of Palawan…”

Another photo shows Denver and Stockholm (Monica Gaztambide), played by actors Jaime Lorente and Esther Acebo, from the last scene of season two, when the gang successfully completes the heist. It is when all the characters walk out of The Professor’s hideout, dressed in their respective city attires to bluff the police and merge with the crowd.

“Today, August 7, exactly 4 years ago, we filmed that escape of the #LaCasaDePapel band Part 2. It meant the end of an incredible stage of our lives. What we could not have imagined is that it was only the beginning!” Jesus wrote.

Money Heist Season 5 will stream in two parts. Its part one will premiere on September 3.

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