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Missing Anchor Pradeep Surfaces On Social Media

From almost a month, popular Telugu TV anchor Pradeep Machiraju is missing in action. He’s neither seen hosting the popular shows like dance program Dhee or other shows he is part of, nor in any other private events that happen in Hyderabad though he is a huge party junkie.

Various rumours are doing rounds regarding Pradeep’s absence as one of them stated that he is severely ill and might take time to recover. Another rumour has that actually he got married and hence staying from the arc lights to bask in the marital bliss. But what is true about him?

In order to give clarity about all this stuff, Pradeep actually appeared live on his Instagram page finally, to tell his fans that he’s very much hale and healthy. “I just took a month break only to give some rest to myself. But nothing has happened to my health or anything like that. I got my leg fractured during a shoot and advised to take bed rest. Hence this break” revealed Pradeep, during the live show.

Doctors are said to have advised two-months rest for Pradeep and he will be back to action in a couple of weeks time.

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