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Mini Mathur says she was never a fan of Mother’s Day but 2020-2021 changed that, new mom Harshdeep Kaur writes note for son

Celebrating Mother's Day, Mini Mathur shared throwback photo of herself flaunting her baby bump. Meanwhile, Maanvi Gagroo and Harshdeep Kaur also shared adorable posts.

Bollywood celebs are celebrating Mother’s Day in the best way possible by sharing their love for their mothers on their respective social media handles. Several actors shared throwback photos, Mini Mathur being one of them. She shared pictures with her kids and even a throwback photo in which she is flaunting her baby bump. But in her post, she spoke about how motherhood has made her feel strong as well as weak.

She said 2020 and 2021 has changed her perspective on celebrations of days like Mother’s Day. “Never been a big fan of Mother’s Day but 2020-21 has changed everything.. I now take every opportunity to celebrate the small stuff.. and this year I’ve realised one thing. Motherhood has made me valiantly brave and helplessly weak at the same time. Brave because I can fight fire, monsters, blizzards, viruses ..literally anything to protect my kids. Their presence makes me want to muscle it out to make the world better. Weak because their safety, happiness & well being is the only thing I really care about. It’s my only vulnerability.. my Achilles heel. And these two extreme emotions coexist for life from the moment you give birth till forever I guess (my mom still asks me if I’ve eaten).”



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She ended the note talking about how she feels “lucky” to have had the opportunity to raise “funny, sensitive children who are basically my life done right. Thank you Vivaan & Sairah for choosing me to be you mamma. #HappyMothersDay to each one of you and your mammas and your babies,” she concluded.



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Earlier in the day, Maanvi Gagroo shared a note in which she mentioned that she called her mother and told her how much she loves her. She ended the note by sending love to “all those struggling with the loss of a loved one. I pray that we can heal from all of this and learn to practice empathy and gratitude as a habit. I pray that we wouldn’t need another crisis to remind us to cherish the ones we love and the ones who love us.”



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Harshdeep Kaur also celebrated her first Mother’s Day. Sharing a cute picture with her son Hunar Singh, Harshdeep wrote, “his little boy has made me feel such strong emotions.. emotions that I’ve never felt before.. From feeling him inside me to holding him in my is by far the most beautiful feeling I have experienced in my life. He gives me peace amidst all the chaos around. He brightens up my mood with his sweetest smile and makes me forget all my worries. He misses me when I leave the room even for a second.. He looks in my eyes and says a million things without even uttering a single word.. My eyes fill up with tears of joy just by looking at his innocent face.. He makes me feel loved every single second. Thank you my dear Hunar.. for choosing me to be Your Mother.”

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