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Michael Bay: Get big TVs to watch 6 Underground

Michael Bay regrets not having a theatrical release of the action-packed film 6 Underground. He expressed his concern over the "dying movie-going experience", and hinted how big studios are favouring sequels and franchises over original content.

American filmmaker Michael Bay, who has helmed blockbuster movies like Bad Boys, The Rock, Transformers, Pearl Harbor and Armageddon among more, is presenting his next 6 Underground, starring Ryan Reynolds, on the streaming giant Netflix.

But he does regret not having a theatrical release of the action-packed film. As we met him after watching 6 Underground at its world premiere in Seoul, Bay expressed his concern over the “dying movie-going experience”, and hinted how big studios are favouring sequels and franchises over original content.

On being asked why instead of a theatrical release, he opted to release 6 Underground on Netflix, Michael Bay told, “Netflix is a new form of studio. Big studios are making less original content. Netflix was a studio that wants to do original content and not sequels or franchises.”

At the press conference, when reporters quizzed him if he has any regrets about not being able to show the audience 6 Underground on the big screen, Bay replied, “Well, of course, you have regrets. I come from big cinema, and I appreciate the movie screen, but our whole business has changed in the past three to four years, and we have to get used to a new world. People want to consume things in different ways. And the movie-going experience in some way is sort of dying, which is sad. Netflix was brave enough to give us the money, and I’m appreciative that they wanted to do this with this cast. I think we have made a fun film and get a big TV to watch this.”

6 Underground is about six individuals played by Ryan Reynolds, Ben Hardy, Adria Arjona, Mélanie Laurent, Corey Hawkins and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, who fake their deaths, become ghosts and lose all their digital footprint to take on some evil people to make the world a better place.

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Made on a budget of about 150 million dollars, 6 Underground has been shot in Los Angeles, Italy and UAE. The opening shot of the film has a deadly car chase sequence filmed on the streets of Florida, Italy and that, for Michael Bay, is one of the film’s highlights.

“The highlight for me was first convincing the city of Florida to allow us to do any of this. They’ve never done any of this in their 1200 years. So that was a real highlight, working in those very tight streets without harming anything around the famous artwork,” the director said.

6 Underground streams on Netflix from December 13.

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