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Malaika Arora on son Arhaan leaving India for higher studies: ‘Don’t think I will ever get used to it’

Malaika Arora said she loves to cook for her friends and family member. The actor also opened up on life after son Arhaan Khan left for higher studies.

Trust Malaika Arora to surprise you. The actor-host-fitness enthusiast has a new hyphenate to add to her repertoire — a restauranteur. An avid cook, Malaika has combines her two loves — fitness and food — to come up with her new passion project, a delivery-only place that dishes out health food that is not low on taste.

Keeping up with her image, she has a quirky name up her sleeve too, Nude Bowls. Ask her the reason behind it and she says the aim is to offer “delicious, nutritious, and honest food experiences where every ingredient is unclothed and disclosed.”

“There is a perception that healthy food is not delicious, or that nutritious food doesn’t taste as good. I wanted to break that myth. Food is an integral part of self-care for me and being mindful of what we eat and what we choose to expose our body to is as important as exercising for our holistic well-being,” Malaika told, adding that she wants to “create meals that are full of flavour, completely transparent with no disguise.”



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When asked whether buddies Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Amrita Arora were involved in putting her new initiative together, Malaika replied, “My friends and family, especially my girls, have always supported and inspired me to venture into new things. Their support and their belief is all I need.” For the actor, cooking is “something that brings pure joy and satisfaction in an instant.” She also revealed Kareena and Amrita’s favourite dish. She said the girls love “biryani” made by her.

Her own mantra when eating is to do it in moderation. “I have always been a moderate eater. I never under or over do anything when it comes to eating. A south Indian thali is my comfort food.” Malaika may have been body-shamed in the past but she doesn’t believe in letting it bog her down’.

Talking about her relationship with food, she adds, “I have had my diet phases in the past but never the starving phase. You can never achieve a perfect body by starving, because perfect body has to be in alignment with your mind and soul. And starving will never help you achieve that.”

When it comes to Bollywood, Malaika believes that things have changed over the years when it comes to women. “I really think that slowly but surely we have started seeing that change. Be it the number of female centric film we have today or women playing titular roles to the amazing amount of women producers and directors in the industry today. While we have more miles to cover in that direction yet, one cannot deny the change,” Malaika conveyed.

The actor recently featured in Bigg Boss OTT’s premiere episode. When asked if she would like to be part of the Karan Johar hosted show, Malaika expressed, “I love watching it, so I’ll stick to just that for now.” But does the world of OTT interests her? “Have not really thought about it but I am always open to a good idea.”



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We spoke to Malaika about her son Arhaan Khan, who recently left for higher studies. Earlier this month, Malaika shared a picture with a caption that read, “As we both embark on a new n unchartered journey ,one filled with nervousness, fear, excitement , distance ,new experiences …all I know is that I am super duper proud of you my Arhaan. This is your time to spread your wings n fly n soar n live all your dreams ….miss you already.” When asked how is she dealing with the empty nest syndrome, Malaika concluded by saying, “It’s definitely difficult and I am still trying to get used to him not being around. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.”

On the work front, Malaika will next be seen on MTV Supermodel of The Year season 2.

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