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Maharani trailer: Huma Qureshi’s character changes the dynamics of Bihar politics in this gripping video

Featuring Huma Qureshi in the lead, Maharani showcases how a state head disrupts its political machinery in a blink.

The makers of Maharani dropped the trailer of the series on Sunday. The trailer takes us inside the game of politics. In a couple of minutes into the trailer, we hear a voice over that states how politics is similar to the game of chess. Soon, we meet the important characters of the series – Sohum Shah and Amit Sial. The series is based in Bihar. Sohum plays the Chief Minister of Bihar while Amit Sial seems to be playing someone from the opposition party. We hear Amit talking about how politics and its power in the state is supportive of a certain caste while ignorant of the other.

As we move on, we know the series promises drama, violence and a tale, which will keep us on the edge of the seat. There are several characters and each character has a role to play.

In the game of chess, you cannot win until you take over the Queen, but who is the queen in Maharani? It is Huma Qureshi. The trailer gives a glimpse of her journey from a wife to Chief Minister to becoming the CM herself. In one of the sequence, we see a hurt Sohum Shah in hospital, a few scenes later, he addresses the media and his party members that his seat will be taken up by his wife Rani Bharati, which proves to be a game changer. So, will Huma aka Rani be able to take up this challenge and survive the game? To find the answer, we will have to watch the series, which will stream on SonyLIV from May 28 onwards.

“In a twist of fate, Rani Bharti’s life changes drastically, overnight. Featuring the dynamic Huma Qureshi in the lead, the show showcases how the current Chief Minister disrupts the state’s political machinery in a blink. While his party officials await the name of his successor with bated breaths, the CM’s sudden announcement shocks everyone to the core including his wife Rani Bharati,” the makers described the show in a statement.

Directed by Karan Sharma, the show features Sohum Shah, Amit Sial and Vineet Kumar among others. Based out of Bihar, Maharani is a fictionalised series that is set to release on May 28.

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