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Madhavan: I wish we had celebrated SPB a lot more when he was alive

Actor R Madhavan said that he has lost a sense of comfort with the demise of playback singer SP Balasubrahmanyam.

Actor R Madhavan thinks that legendary playback singer SP Balasubrahmanyam had the same magic in his craft as Kishore Kumar.

“I listened to Kishore Kumar today. When I hear a singer crooning emotional songs, and you can feel it through the speakers 30 years later, can you imagine being there in person when he’s singing it. That’s the kind of magic that Kishore da had. I think equal, if not more, is what SP Balasubrahmanyam had,” Madhavan told

After battling for life in hospital for nearly two months, SPB passed away on September 25 due to coronavirus-related complications. “When the person is around with you, you never take the opportunity to celebrate them like you do when they are no more with you. Suddenly, the fact that he’s no more with us, you are never going to see his face and you are never going to hear the philosophies he had and his zest for life, that’s shocking. You feel a deep sense of loss,” the actor added.

THIS is how this leagend would want to be remembered.. with this cray passion for life .. This is how I want to remember him too. Always laughing

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Madhavan also regrets having lost a sense of comfort with the demise of SPB. “It was always comforting to know Balasubrahmanyam sir was there. I always felt comfortable that I would find a song worthy of him and maybe he will sing a song for my movie. Now that comfort is gone,” he rued.

The actor said he is also overwhelmed by the thought that maybe SPB was not celebrated as much as he deserved when he was alive. “And you have people sending you his songs on social media and giving you their opinion about him. I wish we had done that more when he was alive. I wish we had celebrated him a lot more when he was alive. That’s one of the overwhelming feelings I have right now because truly, we have lost a genius,” he said.

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“The heavens are luckier because sir is going to be there as his happy self and cracking jokes in heaven. And we’re going to feel the void,” he added.

Madhavan is currently shooting in Dubai for his upcoming web series Seventh Sense. And he’s also waiting for the release of his movie Nishabdham. The film will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on October 2.

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