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Love Island’s Dani Dyer reveals reason she was crying alone in her car

Dani Dyer has revealed the reason she was crying in her car just days after leaving the villa.

Last week, the usually bubbly reality TV star was snapped dabbing away tears from her eyes as she parked up at her gym alone.

An emotional Dani, 22, appeared to be in a heated conversation as she held the phone away from her face.

During Sunday night’s Love Island reunion, host Caroline Flack quizzed Danny Dyer’s daughter about the worrying shots.

"I was talking to Samira," Dani revealed.

Boyfriend Jack Fincham then chimed in to say she was "happy crying", not "sad crying".

Dani then revealed a huge bombshell – that Samira’s boyfriend Frankie had told her he loved her.

A stunned Samira, who was sat in the audience, said: "Oh God! Thanks for that!"

"I weren’t even crying! I use expressions," Dani went on.

"I was blamed and I weren’t even there," Jack laughed.

The loved-up pair, who pocketed the £50,000 prize money, also revealed they had joined the Do Bits Society.

Caroline quizzed: "I have to ask, have you done bits yet?"

"Of course we have!" Dani said, before Jack threw his hands up the air in disbelief and added, "Come on!"

The smitten couple also revealed on the Love Island reunion show that they are currently looking at houses so they can move in together and that although they are planning to tie the knot it will not be in the next year.

"Marriage is stress," said Dani. "I will stress out, I’ll be Bridezilla!"

The couple said they are still struggling to believe that they won the series.

"It doesn’t feel real," said Dani, while Jack agreed: "I can’t believe it."

They also discussed their strong feelings for each other and Dani said of Jack: "He makes me feel all the happiness in the world."

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The pair told Caroline they would put their £50,000 winnings towards items for their new house but that in the week since leaving the villa they have spent most of their money on eating.

Jack said while he had not met Dani’s father Danny Dyer in person they had been in contact and he had made a good impression on the EastEnders star.

There were laughs when Caroline presented the pair with a mocked up movie poster for a film called The Business, featuring Danny, Dani and Jack. The gift was a nod to Jack admitting to having a poster of the actor in his room at home.

The one-off special of the ITV2 show saw all 38 of this year’s islanders return to talk about what they had been doing since their stay in the villa.

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