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Kubbra Sait: Nobody is questioning Kangana’s talent, but there’s a way to speak

The growing toxicity of social media is getting to many and joining the list of actors voicing this concern is Kubbra Sait, who urges everyone to “avoid spreading hate” in such difficult times.

“I’m saying this probably for the hundredth time that right now we don’t need anything but kindness. Just be good, be responsible. It takes nothing,” she says.

Earlier last month, Sait supported the suspension of a Twitter account named Team Kangana Ranaut, for accusatory posts targeting leading actors. When the account questioned the Sacred Games actor, saying “you’re a friend”, Sait clarified replying, “this is not personal”, and highlighted that the account “has been toxic”.

Elaborating on that, the actor says, “Yes, I did report that account because somewhere I felt Kangana’s spokesperson was going wrong, and unnecessarily stirring up a storm. I never said Team Kangana Ranaut is Kangana Ranaut the actor, but the former does have the validation of the latter, right? When you have a huge following, you also have a bigger responsibility!”


On August 21, actor Kangana Ranaut herself announced that she’s joining Twitter. Ask Sait to comment on the same and she adds, “I don’t have much to say now. Let things play out the way they are, right now I just want to concentrate on my work. I said what I had to already, the intention was never to pass on any judgements but to give an opinion.”

It’s not the first time Ranaut’s Twitter handles, which her sister, Rangoli Chandel operates on her behalf has been attacking leading Bollywood actors.

Angered by such hatred, Sait adds, “They’ve been saying mean things, taking a jibe on Ayushmann Khurrana, Deepika Padukone — I mean everyone has a journey. Kangana is called a queen for her extraordinary journey. No one is questioning that. In fact, she inspires many. Par ek tareeka hota hai bolne ka.”

Sait further reveals that after she reported the said account, “Kangana’s followers started abusing me, and even gave death threats. These people, who aren’t even a part of the industry have an opinion about it. Shouldn’t they just come here, test it before saying so much?”

Reacting to the heated nepotism debate, Sait credits Ranaut for introducing the word to everyone two or three years ago.

“It has only existed because of Kangana. Many didn’t have this word in their vocabulary before that. But, nepotism isn’t just about producers or directors or film families, it’s also about the audience. You want to know what Taimur (Ali Khan), Suhana or Aaryan (Khan) are doing; you want to see them in films! Then why complain? You want others to do well, go and watch their films!” Sait points.

Objecting to the use of terms such as mafia and gangs, the actor questions are people talking about some “underworld” or what.

“This is our film industry that files the maximum amount of tax every year. Yeh nepotism bol bol kar we’re scaring the talents who’re dreaming of making it to Bollywood. The biggest problem is idolising actors who’re just a small percentage of Bollywood. Do we speak about the lightman or makeup artist’s struggles, or pay disparity? There are bigger issues to deal with,” Sait ends on a thought-provoking note.

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