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Kangana Ranaut says her mother adopted a Dalit woman’s daughter, got her married: ‘This is the India I know’

Kangana Ranaut took to Twitter on Monday to share the story of how her mother adopted a Dalit woman’s daughter when she was young. Kangana’s posts were in response to being ‘tagged’ in news stories about the atrocities on Dalit community in the country.

Kangana shared a bunch of pictures from her childhood with her adopted sister in a Twitter thread. “Dear friends, I see a lot of people tag me in all the news of atrocities inflicted on Dalits and many over smart people who know India only through news mock my take on modern India,sharing the story of my own life n my sister Rajudi the bride in the picture,do read the thread,” she wrote with her post. It included a picture of Kangana and her sister Rangoli Chandel with Rajudi at her wedding.





“My mother was newly married she got deeply affected by the plight of a Dalit woman called Mansa in the village who had three daughters but no source of income,against her in-law’s wish she adopted the youngest baby girl named her Rajkumari,sent her to school later to college,” she added in another tweet. Kangana said that her mother got Rajudi married and this week, Rajudi’s son got married to a Brahmin girl. “This will never be shown in any news,” she said.

“The atrocities against Dalits you all tag me on I have never experienced but I believe you, but when I share the modern India my mother gave me who are you to call me a liar? Anyway these children look so good together, please bless them,” she said. Kangana added that her mother had to face criticism by her relatives for adopting Rajudi. The girl would help around the kitchen in the beginning but after objections from their grandmother, she was restricted to serving food.

Kangana said that while she never called her sister Rangoli ‘didi’, her father told them to address Rajudi as ‘didi’. “This is the India I know,” she wrote.

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Kangana recently took over her team’s Twitter handle and announced her arrival on social media with a video. She said that she made the decision after witnessing the power of social media with the mass movement on seeking justice for late actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

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