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Judgmental Hai Kya Talk: Impressive!

An offbeat film coming from a popular and happening production house like Balaji Tele Films is quite rare, but director Prakash Kovelamdu (Raghavendra Rao’s son) and his wife Kanika Dhillon (writer) have done the impressive with their latest movie ‘Judgemental Hai Kya’.

The film deals with what is normal and what is not normal in this society where a dubbing artist (Kangana) starts living like the characters she dubs for. But the content is not in typical Bollywood formulaic style, which makes regular moviegoers upset with the film. However, multiplex audiences might feel the good taste and they are the ones who could help this film run in the coming days.

Though Kanika’s writing is appreciated, the flaws in the second half and the cliched climax doesn’t work. At the same time, the technical brilliance of Prakash could be seen in some scenes, but he went over the top in certain areas. The film might appeal to A centres because of Kangana and Rajkumar Rao’s superior performance.

On the first day, Judgmental Hai Kya made 4.2 crores nett from the box office and might collect somewhere around 30-50 crores in its full run if other competitors fail to create magic.

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