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Jon Gosselin Reacts to Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin's Dating Show and Explains Why These 2 Kids Won't Be On It

“Whatever keeps the lights on,” Jon says of his ex-wife’s new show, “Kate Plus Date.”

"Jon and Kate Plus 8" alum Jon Gosselin is throwing some subtle shade at ex-wife Kate Gosselin over her new love/business venture, "Kate Plus Date."

"Well, I guess, to each his own and whatever keeps the lights on," Jon said Wednesday during an HLN TV interview when asked how he felt about the new TLC reality show. "I don’t know. I just work a normal job, so I haven’t really been on reality TV in about 10 years."

"I kind of just stay out of the limelight as much as possible. I do deejay, but it doesn’t bring a limelight like it did 10 years ago," he added, noting that he does frequently traveling to Los Angeles and New York. "But if she chooses to do that, she chooses to do it."

Jon and Kate rose to television fame in 2007 when their family of four grew by six — all at the same time. The former couple’s oldest children — twins Cara and Madelyn — are now 18, while their sextuplets — Collin, Hannah, Joel, Leah, Alexis and Aaden — are 15. Jon and Kate divorced in late 2009, and an ugly custody battle has been following them ever since.

According to Jon, Hannah and Collin — who live with him and his girlfriend of five years, Colleen Conrad — "won’t be on [Kate’s] dating show."

"And I’m pretty sure the other four won’t be, either," he said, noting that Maddie and Cara will "obviously" be involved in their mother’s show and that they’re "going off to college" in the near future.

While Jon and his family "live in a house right down the road from Kate’s house," he doesn’t necessarily have much of a relationship with his other children.

"I see them, but I don’t really have any interaction with the other six," he explained. "Hannah has more interaction with her siblings, and Collin doesn’t. He had one visitation with his other siblings since he’s been back, but we’re working on that as we speak right now."

"Kate Plus Date" premieres June 10 on TLC."

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