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John Cena Explains His Controversial New Haircut, Shows Jimmy Fallon His New Finishing Move

The WWE star also read a short excerpt from his new children’s book with an explosive climax and tried to outbluff Fallon in “Box of Lies.”

John Cena dropped by "The Tonight Show" to explain why he has this new haircut that no one seems to love, play a game, read from his children’s book and show Jimmy Fallon his new finishing move.

It was a busy visit for the WWE wrestler and actor, but there was important business to deal with. After getting mocked over the weekend by wrestling fans when he debuted his new hairstyle, the big man explained to Fallon that it’s for a movie role.

But first he had to set the record straight when Fallon said that he liked the new ‘do. "Thank you. It’s official, you are kind," Cena said. "And you may be losing your sight."

He disappeared to China for the film role, and when he came back he had this new look. "Last time people saw me, I had the traditional short crew cut and now I came back in just this ball of wax that’s on my head," Cena explained. "Now everybody’s like, ‘Man you ruined my childhood.’"

But for Cena, it’s all worth it as he donned the new style for a new film he’s been working on called "Project X" with the legendary Jackie Chan. While he was there, he told Fallon that Chan taught him some new moves, including one he’s decided to add to the Five Move of Dooms.

"It’s time for a sixth Move of Doom AKA the Doomiest," he said, before telling Fallon to "stand up."

Fallon was totally reluctant, and then got nervous when Cena told him quite calmly, "I have tremendous accuracy with this maneuver, but if you move, I will knock you out."

"I don’t like this at all," Fallon said, but he did not move. When Cena did the move, which was a quick punch just to the left of Fallon’s face, we’re pretty sure he was deadly serious about knocking Fallon out if he’d made contact.

Ever the good sport, Fallon passed out anyway.

One piece of the set wasn’t nearly so lucky when Cena decided to do a reading from his children’s book, "Elbow Grease." The unfortunate podium he stood behind to read found itself the unwitting recipient of Cena’s lightning bolt fist as emphasis.

It didn’t stand a chance.

And with its complete and utter destruction, Cena declared the reading over with a triumphant, "The End," even though the book certainly doesn’t end with the main character cowering in the mud from thunder and lightning. But the set couldn’t handle any more.

Finally, Cena played one of Fallon’s favorite games with him, "Box of Lies." This one is about trying to identify bizarre objects by description. You can either describe it honestly or make up a bunch of crap. Your opponent’s goal is to identify if you’re telling the truth or lying.

Cena is the perfect person to play this game, because he is a deadpan comic in his spare time, so he can lie with the best of them. Unfortunately, he started with the truth, even though Fallon didn’t care for him describing a lipstick container as being made of "precious metals" and "adorned with jewels."

As he yelled at Cena for taking "20 minutes," Cena calmly shot back, "This is your game." He was just trying to get into the spirit of it.

Check out the full game, and who won, in the video below.

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