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Jeremy Kyle guest wanted to sleep with toothless woman but settled for her mum

A Jeremy Kyle guest has admitted he wanted to sleep with a toothless woman but ‘settled’ for her mum.

Graham confessed that he originally started talking to Christine in the hope of shacking up with her daughter Kelly.

Jeremy revealed that Graham had told his team that he is "so glad I settled for the older, more mature, model."

The stunned presenter said: "Not sure that’s the most charming way to talk about your relationship. You make her sound like an Austin Bentley."

Graham, who is in a relationship with 68-year-old Christine, claimed that "age doesn’t matter".

But he did confess: "I saw on Facebook her daughter and wanted to be with her."

However, having been with Christine for two years, he now would not sleep with daughter Kelly if he had the chance.

When asked how keen he was for Christine to have relationship with daughter, he said he went to Benidorm on his own to let them get on and they didn’t bother.

Jeremy said: "What a hero you are. Did you have a nice time in Benidorm?

Kelly came on crying and said her mum had never been there for her.

Mother and daughter did eventually hug and made up.

Shocked Jeremy Kyle viewers took to Twitter after Graham made his confession.

One viewer said: "Sometimes, #jeremykyle makes me fearful of stepping outside my door. This is one of those moments…"

"Sexual thoughts about the daughter but got with the mum anyway," added another.

A third said: "At least he’s honest!"

*The Jeremy Kyle Show airs weekdays on ITV

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