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Is Emmerdale's Debbie Dingle finally closer to finding out what happened to Joe Tate?

On tonight’s Emmerdale Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) was shocked to receive a text from ex-fiancè Joe Tate, who she hasn’t heard from since he disappeared on their wedding day.

The beyond the grave text simply read : “I’m sorry,” and left Debbie and mum Charity reeling.

But while Debbie thinks Joe is just MIA, viewers know that Joe is dead after he hit his head when Debbie’s father Cain punched him, before he was finished off by Graham.

Sadly Joe is not miraculously alive. Instead the text was sent by Graham, who had overheard Debbie and Charity talking about Joe in the pub.

Viewers immediately recognised Graham was the culprit, but wondered why he’d want to mess with Debbie’s head like that.

Graham was revealed as sending the text when he was shown with the phone in his office, before Priya interrupted him and he put the phone in a drawer.

While Debbie was left even more upset after receiving the text, Charity had some interesting ideas about how to get over Joe.

Taking her daughter outside, she told her to burn her wedding dress, before deleting and blocking Joe’s number.

But Debbie had other ideas and decided to give Joe a call before blocking him for good.

When the phone rang in Graham’s office drawer, it was Priya who answered, saying she thought it was his phone.

With Debbie now knowing that it was Graham who sent the text, is she any closer to discovering what really happened to Joe?

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