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Idris Elba: Rumors Swirl That He’ll Be Next James Bond & Fans Go Wild — Tweets

Nothin’ but respect for our James Bond! Idris Elba may be taking on the role of 007 and fans are freaking out!

A new report claims that James Bond producers are leaning towards casting Idris Elba as the next 007, and fans of the heartthrob are losing their minds! “IDRIS ELBA FOR JAMES BOND PLEASEANDTHANKYOU,” a fan immediately tweeted. Idris Elba should be Bond, Bourne, MacGyver, Jack Reacher, Flo from Progressive, ALF, the voice of Alexa and the permanent KFC colonel,” another hysterically wrote. Some were quick to call out racist commenters, or those claiming the 45-year-old was “too old” for the James Bond role. “I hope people who are pretending not to be racist by saying Idris Elba is “too old!” to be James Bond all sat out of MI: Fallout staring 56-year-old Tom Cruise,” a Twitter user clapped back. “Roger Moore’s first bond film way released when he was 45, and he was in six more after that up until he was 57. And that was in the 70s and 80s; 50 is a lot younger today than it was back then,” another came in with the facts!

The Independent was the first to break the news, alleging, “Director Antoine Fuqua revealed the details of a conversation with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, in which she said ‘it is time” for a non-white actor to take on the iconic role.’” They went on to say, “Fuqua discussed who might be next in the running with Broccoli, who’s certain the progressive move “will happen eventually”, with Idris Elba a reported frontrunner for the role.” While Idris would be the first African-American Bond, other fans are calling for a female 007 agent, too!

“Idris Elba for Bond? Yes, please! Can we also get a female double zero secret agent? And a sequel for Spy, finally? And Atomic Blond? And The Man from U.N.C.L.E? And a spin off for Ilsa from Mission Impossible? As for Kingsman, who fridged their only female spy? Do better,” a fan wrote. YAS! But, Idris is definitely a step in the right direction!

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