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Here's your first look at JK Simmons in the new trailer for Counterpart season 2

After it premiered in the US back in last December, UK viewers were finally introduced to the acclaimed Amazon Prime series Counterpart this September exclusively through the service’s Starz Play channel.

The twisty sci-fi thriller boasts some serious pedigree through executive producer Morten Tyldum, director of The Imitation Game and Passengers, as well as stars like Oscar winner JK Simmons and Olivia Williams. It comes from the mind of Justin Marks, who wrote the 2016 Jungle Book film.

Digital Spy can exclusively reveal the trailer for season 2, which seems to promise more intrigue and espionage, as well as an appearance from a new character named Yanek, portrayed by actor and sometime activist James Cromwell.

“Your Other is out there living in your own life, erasing you from your own existence,” Yanek observes.

And he’s not the only new cast addition – Betty Gabriel from Westworld and Get Out has also joined Counterpoint as former FBI agent Naya Temple, who’s been described as an intimidating and charismatic figure.

Simmons stars in Counterpoint as Howard Silk, a lowly employee of the Office of Interchange, a United Nations agency based in Berlin.

He discovers that his office has been secretly hiding a bridge to a parallel earth, where there exists a much more capable version of himself (his ‘Other’) that tracks down and retrieves those who have crossed through the portal into Silk’s world.

“Everything is different now,” intones an ominous voiceover, which you’d hope to see from a show’s new season.

Amazon Prime Video launched its StarzPlay video channel earlier this year as a way for fans in the UK to get caught up on US hits such as Vida and Sweetbitter, as well as a library of movies that includes The Hunger Games, Gone Girl and Birdman.

Counterpoint season 2 is scheduled to air on Starz Play in December.

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